Select Your Diamond


How do you purchase the largest and most beautiful diamond in your budget, with the confidence that its value will endure and that you are actually receiving what you’re paying for? For the uneducated, it can be a complicated and treacherous path to traverse alone, but, after reading this section, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to arise victorious.

Our goal here is not to make you a graduate gemologist or diamond expert, but simply to give you the perfect amount of targeted information you need to confidently buy the ideal diamond for your engagement ring, while sparing you all of the unimportant fluff.

This process will walk you through a logical progression of diamond education, followed by our specific evaluation of each stone type and our exact specification recommendations for each, sorted into carat weight. Want to know exactly what specs to look for in a 1 carat princess cut diamond in order to maximize beauty and value within your budget? We’ll lay it out for you in the Diamond Shapes section. But, we’ll begin this journey with a basic understanding of a diamond’s anatomy:

*If you already have a strong diamond education or are simply pressed for time, you can jump ahead to the Diamond Shapes section below, where we outline the exact specifications we recommend for each individual shape and carat weight. Or you may skip to the Shrewd Buying Tips section to learn our tricks for maximizing your budget and choosing the perfect diamond.