Wedding Bands

The wedding band is a symbolic addition to the engagement ring. You will add the wedding band to the engagement ring on the day that you get married, making the rings a “bridal set” and signifying that the knot has been tied.

It is important to consider the wedding band during the early stage of designing the engagement ring, because the engagement ring design will influence the style of wedding band that will best complement the set. And if you have a specific picture in mind of how you want the set to look, then we will need to make sure the engagement ring you choose is designed with this in mind. A great example of this would be if you wanted a halo-style engagement ring with a straight eternity band that sat flush against the band of the engagement ring and continued ‘beneath’ the halo. Many halo engagement rings are designed with a basket-style setting at the top which would push the eternity band away from the engagement ring, creating a gap between the 2 rings and preventing the straight eternity band from being flush. Some people prefer this look, but it is something we would need to know before hand in order to design the engagement ring accordingly.

*If you have already designed the engagement ring, don’t worry, we can still create a wedding band for you that will complement your ring perfectly, even if it’s not the exact style you had in mind.

Now that you understand the importance of considering the wedding band early on, let’s start narrowing our design down by taking a look at the main categories of styles available to us.




The straight wedding band is a staple in classic bridal set history. With no embellishments, it is a timeless statement of refinement and elegance. A smooth or knife-edge straight band is a sophisticated complement as it sits beautifully next to your engagement ring, subtly complementing its brilliance and splendor.

For added contrast, unique finishes can be added to your straight band, such as a soft brushed or satin texture.


Choose a pave’ wedding band to really make any bridal set pop off the carts. Wearers will enjoy the added sparkle and scintillation that emanates from the additional small diamonds dancing around their finger.

Pave’ rings have many variations, primarily in diamond size, setting style and distance in which they travel around the band. When adding a pave’ wedding band to an engagement ring that does not include accent diamonds on the band, you are free to choose whichever combination of attributes you would like. But when your engagement ring does include accent diamonds on the band, we suggest matching their attributes to achieve the most harmonized look. For example, an engagement ring with a pave’ of 1.6 millimeter scallop-set diamonds that stops three quarters of the way around the band, should be perfectly mimicked by the wedding band, essentially giving the impression that there are 2 identical pave’ bands on the finger.


Eternity bands are named so because they feature diamonds or gemstones that endlessly wrap completely around the finger, allowing the band to dazzle from every angle. They are commonly designed with both small pave’ diamonds as a glamorous complement to your engagement ring, and with medium or large diamonds as a stunning and sparkling statement addition.

A nice benefit is that they can be worn both with an engagement ring or on their own as a shimmering accessory, but consider that eternity rings are difficult to alter if your finger size changes over time.


A shadow band, also know as a ‘contour’ band, seamlessly traces the outline of your engagement ring, giving the impression of a single ring with 2 side-by-side bands. Shadow bands can be a smooth metal band that appears to flow around your engagement ring, or a diamond encrusted ring that elevates the sparkle meter significantly.

Some brides with undulating engagement rings enjoy the unique look of a straight band as part of their bridal set, but if you or your partner prefer the coordinated look of two or more synchronized bands, then a beautiful shadow band is definitely for you.


Fashion wedding bands are modern and trendy. This category encompasses the styles that you would likely spot adorning the hands of popular fashionistas and chic celebrities. Generally delicate in nature, all make stunning additions to upscale bridal sets, as well as dazzling accessories when worn on their own.

Mix and match shapes, from alternating round and marquise diamonds to big ovals and small pears. Or get creative and add a vintage touch with a delicate millgrain around a tapering diamond pave’.


Add a splash of fun and personality to your wedding ring and bridal set by choosing a band with colored gemstone accents. Whether or not your engagement ring includes any colored gemstones, this can be a great way to make your set stand out and even add some additional sentimentality with important birthstones.


From nature inspired bands, featuring leaves, flowers, butterflies and animals, to fancy colored diamonds or sculptural motifs, let your imagination run free. Whether complementing a whimsical custom engagement ring or adding a little quirkiness to a timeless bridal set, we can bring any dream to reality.

As with engagement rings, there are main categories of styles, but the possibilities are endless. If a traditional style does not appeal to you and you would like to create something one-of-a-kind, our expert designers would be thrilled to collaborate and bring your ideas to life in the best way possible. Email us or give us a call to get started on your custom design today.

With the design complete, we are ready to embark on the exciting adventure of choosing the center diamond or gemstone...