Design the ring

Now that your budget is set, you’ve found her ring size and selected the jeweler that will act as your engagement ring concierge, it’s time to design the perfect ring. At this point you will likely fall within 1 of 2 categories; 1) You either have an idea of the style she wants, either from direct suggestions by her or her friends/family or you were able to find images on her pinterest or instagram account, or 2) You are completely in the dark. Whichever category you fall within, you should have the confidence in your jeweler to make recommendations and help you refine your design. Regardless of their involvement, we suggest reading this section in its entirety to achieve a better understanding of what designing an exceptional engagement ring entails. Afterwards you’ll have a more discerning eye and will be able to make a conclusive decision on whether to purchase a ring from our collection or start a custom design. Let’s get started with a breakdown of an engagement ring’s anatomy: