Select custom options

Finally, we’ll put the finishing touches on and make your ring truly one-of-a-kind with customization options. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing an established design from our collection. All of them are meticulously thought-out and timeless, but, if you want to give her something that no one else has, here are some ways to find and create the perfect custom wedding ring.

Change up the accent stones

A little bit of color goes a long way when it comes to engagement rings. Probably the most common use of color enhancement in an engagement ring is blue sapphire side stones in a 3-stone setting. The silky, rich blues of a deep sapphire make a stunning contrast to the bright white brilliance of a diamond. But all colors on the spectrum get along with pure white diamonds. You could opt for a halo of bright green emerald baguettes or a band of deep red rubies set in yellow gold. Other popular options include fancy pink diamonds set in a halo of rose gold and canary yellow melees encrusting a halo of rich yellow gold.

When choosing to add colored gemstones to your engagement ring you may want to consider using the gemstone of your partner’s birth month. This adds an additional layer of sentimentality that will show that you put extra thought into your design.

Enhance the accent stones with unique settings

Many custom engagement rings include accent diamonds in the form of pave’, channel set or shared prongs (a common way to set diamonds in a single row, using 1 prong to assist in setting 2 adjacent diamonds). Deviating from the norm here could add just the right amount of sparkle and uniqueness you’re looking for. Here some possibilities:



A scallop is a gemstone-setting technique in which the prongs are created from the shank. When viewed from the sides of the band, it appears that a part of the shank has been “scooped” out, revealing the sides of each diamond setting. This intricate feature helps maximize the brilliance of each diamond.


A fishtail is a beautiful setting technique that adds detail and sparkle to small diamonds. It is named so because it looks like the tail of a fish, with a single prong splitting outward into two triangular corners that hold the diamonds down.


A bar setting is when diamonds are set between two parallel bars of metal that also act as spacers between the adjacent diamonds. It is similar to channel set but differs because two sides of the diamond are left exposed in a bar setting, whereas channel settings enclose the diamonds on all sides. Think of bar set diamonds as having their own individual channels that separate them from the other diamonds next to them. This setting can complement a center stone or stand alone for an impressive wedding band or stackable ring.


In a gypsy setting, the diamond is set below the surface, deep enough so that the top or table of the diamond is flush with the surface of the metal. This is why it is also referred to as a flush setting. It is a very secure setting and is great for protecting diamonds and gemstones when the wearer is exposed to significant wear and tear. Although, the setting technique requires the jeweler to apply significant pressure around the stone, so this setting type is not suitable for very soft stones.

Gypsy set diamonds or gemstones are commonly set sporadically around a ring in varying sizes for the contemporary appearance this technique gives.

Embellish the band

Some people prefer the simplicity offered by a plain and polished band. Others are drawn to the intricate details and believe that they add a layer of beauty of customization. If you fall in the latter group, one or a combination of the following embellishments may be just what you’re looking for.



Millgrain is the delicate beaded effect along the edge of your jewelry. Translating to “a thousand grains” from the French word “millegrain,” these tiny raised beads give your jewelry a beautiful vintage or antique feel. They effortlessly catch the light and add to the overall sparkle of any ring. Commonly used around the center diamond in a bezel setting, this technique also gives a stunning effect when channel set diamonds and the border of the shank.


Engraving comes in many forms, from designs and patterns to filigree and rope. It is a thoughtful way to add a personal touch to your ring, using intricate and patiently-executed hand carving techniques. Geometric patterns, floral motifs, organic scenery, symbolic dates, roman numerals and names are just a few of the endless designs and messages that can be engraved as a permanent treasure for your loved one.


An exquisite organic design element, filigree is intricately sculpted metal that creates lace-like design work on an engagement ring. The curvy patterns are generally inspired by nature, with leaves, vines and flowers commonly worked in by the craftsman. It is a stunning and perfect element for adding a unique and vintage touch to any engagement ring.


Possibly the highest form of customization, adding a motif or themed object(s) to your engagement ring is a great way to capture the highlights of your fascinating love story.

Did you propose at the Eiffel Tower in Paris? We can place the Eiffel Tower on her finger with the center diamond poised at its peak. Have you called her your “Sun and Stars” behind closed doors for as long as you remember? Let’s place fully sculpted or engraved Sun and Stars beneath the center diamond as a secret that only you and her know about.

Bring your ideas to our design consultants and we’ll find the best and most beautiful way to bring them to life.

Add extra diamonds or gemstones

You may be contemplating ideas for adding additional sparkle to your engagement ring, or perhaps you just want an extra detail that adds some customization and lets her know you put a lot of thought into her design... Look no further than the esteem and dazzle that go hand-in-hand with diamonds and gemstones. From the thoughtful hint of setting her birthstone inside the band, to encrusting every piece of metal, from shank to prong, with scintillating micro pave’, every woman will appreciate this precious and shimmering addition.


Bridge Accent or “Peekaboo” Stone

The Peekaboo diamond is a delightful surprise setting facing forward on both sides of the ring, just beneath the center stone. It is called a surprise setting because it is only visible when viewing the ring from a side or angled view. This special setting is a welcome surprise for any engagement ring and will have the wearer frequently peeking to view their secret and magical adornment.

Band Setting

As the name suggests, a band setting is set inside the band, flush to the surface for comfort and generally placed towards the bottom of the shank. This sweet and secret setting is the perfect place for his and her birthstones or a rare pink diamond to signify how extraordinarily uncommon it is to win the affection of someone like her.

Micro Pave’

Any exposed areas of metal, including the prongs, shank, and gallery and bridge rails offer the opportunity for added sparkle with dazzling micro pave’ diamonds. The weaving trellis setting of a 3-stone ring also presents a beautiful canvas for these sparkling stones. A master craftsman can securely set tiny jewels to give your engagement ring an extra level of glamour and opulence.

Prong Tips

For center stones 1 carat or larger, a small diamond can be set into a bit of extra metal at the tip of the prong, notably boosting the brilliance and scintillation at the top of the engagement ring.

Secret Stone

A secret stone is bezel set face down directly beneath the center stone and is viewable only from the inside of the band. It is another great opportunity for showcase a sentimental birthstone or colored stone of significance. At Mint Diamonds, every piece from our collection features a mint-colored diamond in this location as part of our signature.

That’s a wrap. In Step 4, you’ve learned the anatomy of a custom engagement ring, chosen the best style for the fashion and personality of your partner, selected your favorite center stone setting and band styles, picked the most beautiful metal for your design and added custom options to make it truly unique. In the next section, we’ll learn about diamonds and choose the one that will make your ring wow her the most.