Select a Band Style

You’ve learned the anatomy of an engagement ring, chosen the “overall” and center stone setting styles, now let’s determine how you want the sides or band of the ring to look.

Here you can mix and match the band style to the overall style of the ring. For example, you may want a twisting band to go with your halo engagement ring instead of the more traditional straight band. And how about embellishing the twisting band with a single row of pave’ diamonds for added dazzle?

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the possible variations so make sure that you keep the personal style of your partner in the front of your mind while narrowing down your options. Someone that is more traditional may not be a good prospect for a 3 row diamond pave’ band and, on the contrary, a glamorous socialite would probably prefer a side stone ring over a plain solitaire.

Finally, don’t forget to utilize the free guidance of our expert design and diamond consultants for any questions you may have. Now let’s look at the different band variations available to you:



The straight band is the classic engagement ring whose elegant and refined shank make the center stone the main focal point in all of its brilliance. It is the most popular and classic choice for an engagement ring band. We recommend keeping it as thin and narrow as possible, without compromising strength, in order to keep the center stone appearing as large as possible.

Knife Edge

This sleek and classy shank is characterised by its peaked edge running around the outside of the band, formed by two smoothly slanted sides coming together. The best knife edge bands begin “sharper” towards the top near the center stone and get smoother as they travel around the sides and bottom of the shank, optimizing the comfort between fingers.


Tapered style bands either narrow towards or away from the center stone. The most common style is when the shank gets thinner as it approaches the center stone, minimizing the metal presence and highlighting the magnificence of the diamond.


A pavé engagement ring features a row or rows of small diamonds, set closely together with tiny prongs, giving the scintillating appearance that the band is made entirely of diamonds. Because pave-set diamonds use only tiny beads or prongs to hold them in place, the metal band they are set on is barely noticeable. Pave’ settings typically go halfway or three quarters of the way around the band. Because the bottom of the band sees the most wear and tear, setting diamonds here makes them highly susceptible to loss or damage.


Sidestone engagement ring settings consist of two or more smaller diamonds flanking the center stone. These side stones are larger than the melee used for pave’ rings and provide a more impressive sparkle to complement the center diamond or gemstone. The brilliance of the main stone teamed with the radiance of the side diamonds makes for one of the most radiant ring styles.


A split ring gives the appearance of two separate bands when a single shank divides as it travels upward from the bottom and approaches the center stone. It is a diverse design with many variations, from tight to wide and straight to tapered.


As the name suggests, two or more bands intertwine and overlap to create a flirtatious woven shank. Twisting shanks vary from very tight to wide and loose, and may include a row or rows of pave’ diamonds for added sparkle to any engagement ring.


In a channel setting, diamonds or gemstones are lined up close together within 2 parallel strips of metal and are set directly into the metal walls, without the use of prongs. With the top or table of the diamonds being flush to the metal border they sit within, they are significantly safer from loss or damage, and the absence of prongs reduces the possibility of snagging. Princess cuts are a popular choice for channel settings because their square shape leaves no gaps with the channel, giving the illusion of a single, fiery strip of diamonds.


In the world of customization, the possibilities are endless. From whimsical flowers blooming with pave’ diamonds to snakes and dragons twisting around the center stone, we can make your wildest fantasies come to life on your engagement ring.