“An engagement ring should reflect the unique story

shared by each couple.”

Growing up in Houston, Texas, Nick’s life has always been focused around two central themes; family and design. He began studying the ancient arts of jewelry making in Los Angeles, where he also adapted innovative technologies in his craft, such as computer-aided design and 3D printing. His talent and unique approach to design, teaming ancient practices with cutting-edge tech, soon made him the go-to designer for many prominent jewelry houses across the United States, Italy and Bali. After creating thousands of jewelry pieces, which adorn famous musicians, business magnates, heads-of-state and movie stars alike, Nick brought world-class design to all.

It is Nick’s belief that an engagement ring, the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, should reflect the unique story shared by the couple it belongs to. He is fortunate to be descended from a long line of successful marriages, some of which have surpassed 60 years together. After becoming a husband and father himself, he was able to truly appreciate the advantages of being raised with those core family values. It is this inspirational spirit with which he hopes to instill every piece of jewelry created by Mint Diamonds, that it may be passed down through generations as a sparkling example of the wonders that love can bring.